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Of you newgrounders I was curious what flash programs do you use and would Anime Studio Debut 6 be a good flash animation software to use?

I got bored soooo....

2010-05-11 19:01:52 by Stalfos23

I posted a bulletin here because I can and just enough to say Hi and You're a dork. :P


2010-03-28 01:09:39 by Stalfos23

blabbety blah. lol

Interesting fact...

2010-01-17 01:49:40 by Stalfos23

The fact is I finally managed to get the scanner so now I can upload better drawings and artwork I have done right whenever I get to it. lol I have a few just haven't uploaded'em

One other rather interesting fact about me.

I used to work in a haunted house last year during October of 2009 (go figure. lol) Also I love Halloween and if you were to mention something about it...I could talk about it no problem so if you need any ideas for this upcoming year on Halloween I may be able to help you think of a thing or two. I will try and respond to your pm's when I can which would be asap or if you're just bored or something drop me line I could use some company lol.


2009-12-09 21:14:17 by Stalfos23

I may be able to get a hold of a scanner/printer type thing that I can use to upload some of my best drawings I've done. I just have to find out if it works because if it does by golly I'll be able to upload better things than I do on paint. Hopefully things work.

really ain't one.

2009-10-09 02:27:53 by Stalfos23

Except the notice of artists and art on here with a big great job you will see mainly artwork from me rather than animations for now until I acquire flash that is used for creating flash animations which is currently not in my possession. Until next time I will ttyl. P.S. if you're ever bored pm me or comment on my art. Well basically drop me a line if you feel like it and I will probably respond more than likely but please no chain letters.


2009-06-24 20:40:28 by Stalfos23

I'm new on this but I was curious if anybody could tell me how to open up flash.